collage industryOur Physiotherapy service for Companies can provide benefits both to the employee and the Company itself.


It consists on attending the treatment needs of the employees who need it, after the health services of the Company give their approval.


This external service of treatment sessions, in the Physiotherapy Centre, in coordination with the Health Service in the Company, can favour preventive and healing actions with effective results.


In order to prevent and recover, the necessary therapies are developed to improve the functional disorders of the organism and the maintenance of the capabilities.


Pathologies such as lumbago, contractures, neck pain, tension headache, disc herniation… can be prevented, and muscular tension and stress can be prevented. This will lead to a possible reduction of sick leaves, it will reduce recovery time in them and it will generally improve the health of the staff.


The development of the sessions in the Physiotherapy Centre, opened from 8 in the morning to 10 in the evening, offers time flexibility in order to plan the appointments, adapting them to the employees shifts, the treatments can be personalised into specialities and more technical means can be used.

We are at your disposal with our facilities, means and professionals.