15 Fotolia 60779037 XS Pilates method provides  with strength, elasticity and body control through movement.


It is a discipline created by Joseph H. Pilates as a holistic way of working with muscular toning, breathing and posture correction, alleviating little pains and obtaining very good results at a physical level.


It is a training method that proposes a large number of variations of the exercises, adjusting them to the students’ needs. A complete training that optimizes posture, articular movement and which is used to strengthen and make the body more flexible. Pilates requires concentration and connection between mind and body.


It is a working method that will make you enjoy your body and its possibilities. The classes are 50 minutes long, given by registered PHYSIOTHERAPISTS, masters of the Pilates method, in small groups, maximum 4-5 people, so that there is a direct and personalised contact during the execution of the exercises 


Pilates is also given to special groups:

  • Pregnancy, ante natal and post natal.
  • People with specific pathologies such us Disc Herniation, Pelvic Floor…
  • Old People maintenance
 Classes from Monday to Friday. Different times:

  • 1 days a week
  • 2 days a week
  • 3 days a week